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Pierce County Law Firm Campaign for Equal Justice 2016 -- The Campaign for Equal Justice and the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Foundation, working together to make the law work for everyone!

Contact us for more information about this year's campaign.

What is the Pierce County Law Firm Campaign for Equal Justice?

The Pierce County Law Firm Campaign for Equal Justice brings added value to the Bar Foundation's pledge programs which have historically raised money directly from our Pierce County legal community to support the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association's Volunteer Legal Services Program. It's a one-step process which makes it easier for participating law firms to support both our local Bar Foundation and the statewide Campaign for Equal Justice -- both directly supporting the operation of the TPCBA Volunteer Legal Services Program -- with just one annual donation! Firms donating at the level of $300 per attorney per year are recognized as Champions of Justice.

This cooperative, unified campaign ensures that your vital investment in civil legal aid will be even more efficiently applied to support our successful local volunteer programs and the important work being done by our legal aid partners in Pierce County and throughout Washington.

Contact us for more information or to request a pledge packet: Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Foundation, Laurie Davenport, vls@tacomaprobono.org or (253) 572-5134; LawFund/Campaign for Equal Justice, Melinda Mann, (206) 957-6284 or melinda@c4ej.org

Click here to download the pledge card.

Last updated June 22, 2016